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Admission information

RPM Vidyalaya Matriculation School follows a strict admission policy, which is guided as per the content of the admission manual. The manual is provided to all the franchise and should be adhered with 100 % compliance. For any query related to admission, please check our admission FAQ page. Below are the basic guidelines of the admission policy to be followed.

First come, First Serve

The admission will take place strictly on “first come, first serve” basis, without any preference.

Minimum Age eligibilty

The minimum age for admission of the child should be 2.5 years at the date of admission.

Valid Documents

As per policy, parents have to furnish valid documents for admission.

Adherence to rules and regulations

Parents should compulsory sign "Declaration Form" of the School.

Admission Form
Admission Enquiry Form
We will be glad to here from you. For Admission Call On:- +91-99400-30530
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Extensive parent orientation program takes place after the admission process.

Regular PTMs are conducted to apprise the parents about the happening in the school.

Real time parent- teacher interaction takes place through in-house " Messaging Apps" .

Checklist for the Admission Process


1. A Birth Certificate as a proof of age          from a civic body.
2. Parents/Guardian identity proof.                (Should be Govt. Approved)
3. Address Proof of the parents/guardian.
4. Four Passport size photo of the child.

5. Aadhaar Card & Ration Card Xerox

6. Original Transfer certificate of                     Previously studied school.

Fee Structure

Fee Structure depends upon the class . Please consult the school administration 

for details.

Process Flow

1. Document submission
2. Filling of Admission related forms
3. Entrance Examination
3. Fee Payment
4. Special Coaching (if needed)
5. Counselling session.

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